Covid19 Workplace Office Solutions

ABCO's main priority during the pandemic is to provide a healthy & safe work environment for your place of work putting forth our best efforts in preventing and controlling the spread of COVID-19.

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    Back to Work Office Solutions

    As we cautiously ease our way back into the workplace, it is important to be aware of what contributes to a healthy and thriving work environment. At ABCO, we are committed to ensuring our clients are supported and that we properly progress into the development of the ``new normal``.

    Vaccine Stations

    Ask about our new vaccine stations to
    safely administer vaccinations the right way!

    Covid Vaccine Station with Arm Rest

    Vaccine Station Dividers

    As the transition back to the workplace begins, we prioritize:

    Workplace protection solutions

    ABCO provides full covid workplace solutions including ergonomic layout designs & safety products.

    Safety of employees

    Be more productive by keeping your employees safe & healthy while helping stop the spread of covid.

    Creation of health policies

    We can help with full service covid office solutions including the implementation of necessary health policies.

    Reinforcement of good hygiene

    Create a office environment that reinforces good hygiene to keep employees healthy, safe & comfortable.

    Being experts in furniture design, these are some ways we can help you:

    Shields for desks, tables & reception

    Sneeze guards for any office area

    Innovative health care design

    Office covid healthcare solutions

    Reconfiguration of office space

    Social distance office planning

    Waiting room panels

    Keeping people safe in waiting areas

    Sanitization stands

    Setting up germ free environments

    Office shields ensure workers remain healthy and safe

    Desk & Table Shields

    Acrylic shields for any desk or table

    Reception Sneeze Guards

    Front desk germ protection

    Boardroom Shields

    Hold safe in person meetings

    Reception Shields

    Protect customers and employees from infectious breath, sneezes and coughs with reception shields which come in various styles & sizes. High quality & easy to clean, contact ABCO today to protect your office employees.
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    Waiting Room Panels

    Keep people in your waiting area comfortable, safe & free of germs with glass dividers. Help stop the spread of COVID.
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    COVID Friendly Layouts

    Sanitization Stands

    Hands free sanitizer options that help prevent the spread of germs. Find out more about our convenient methods for hand sanitizer distribution.
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    Innovative Heath Care Design & Technology

    As our spaces evolve , we rise to the challenge of ensuring the safety of our workers. Contact us today to make your office a safe working environment.