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Switch Typical 1

Switch Typical 1

Item Code: Switch Typical 1

Worksurface Depth Options

Full depth
Full Depth with Grommet
Cropped Depth for 1? Wire Play

Panel Base Options

Metal Raceway
6? elevated foot

Panel Face Options

Tempered Glass and Fabric
Tempered Glass and Laminate
Acrylic and Fabric
Acrylic and Laminate

3 leg Options

Wrap leg
Ladder leg
Laminate gable leg

Slim Shelf which mounts directly into the panel

Aluminium top caps and end trims with angled edges

  • Typical Size: 16′ 10″ x 4′ 2 3/4″

  • Station Size: 2′ x 4′

Due to highly customized nature of this layout, specifications and pricing is only available through our sales department. Please enquire below or email abco@abcogroup.ca.