Moss Walls Office Greenery

Bring the essence of nature into your workplace. Custom designed & entirely made by hand, Moss Walls help reconnect humans to the natural world by bringing naturally preserved plant decor into the workplace. Creating a naturally healthy environment, offices can provide a stronger sense of security and peace of mind.




Create a Healthy & Relaxing Work Environment

ABCO helps reconnect staff members to the tranquility of nature. Put together with EzoBord, a leading acoustic backing material, our moss walls are proven to attenuate noise, reduce stress within the workplace and help keep your employees relaxed & focused.


Moss Walls Don't Require Weekly Maintenance

ABCO built handmade Moss Walls require no watering or natural light, maintaining their beautiful natural textures for many years. You will have that beautiful natural office look without having to worry about the maintenance that is required to keep your office look intact.


All Natural & Eco-Friendly

ABCO Preserved Moss Walls are made with 100% natural moss and preserved with sustainable, environmentally friendly natural oils and food dye. 


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