Commercial Moving & Furniture Decommissioning Services

Whether you are moving down the hall or across the city, moving one office or several hundred employees, The ABCO Group can assist in the planning from concept to completion!




Start your move off on the right foot!

The ABCO Group has been moving businesses in Ontario for over 30 years and continues to be a leader in the industry. Whether you are moving across the province or down the hallway, The ABCO Group will assist in every aspect of the project. We have a dedicated team of professional consultants, backed by our fleet of trucks, drivers, supervisors, and movers that will put your mind at ease.


  • Full move from start to finish
  • We will bring moving equipment
  • Bins, dollies, packing material
  • Our own team & trucks
  • Storage solutions
  • Affordable rates

Office Furniture Decommissioning

ABCO is a leader and one stop shop for office furniture decommissioning in Toronto & Surrounding Areas

Our consultant will review your existing furniture to determine what can be re-used in your new space and what should be recycled, liquidated or disposed of. We can also help determine if it is beneficial to replace your existing furniture so your organization can be more efficient and productive. We can make recommendations on new or used office furniture products and facilitate the purchase and installation of those products. We take inventory of your current furniture assets; photograph products to be decommissioned. Then, meet with the stakeholders to make an informed decision based on budget, employee needs, and the size of the new facility.

Our consultant will advertise available products via ABCO Group partner channels and charitable organizations posting your furniture for open market sale or donation. Our Office Moving division will handle the moving of office furniture to your new facility or for disposal. ABCO Group can offer short term warehousing or offsite storage your existing furniture if required Our Office Furniture Refinishing division can repaint, re-upholstery panels and provide laminates top replacement to save your company time and money by repurposing your existing workstations. 

ABCO Group will provide you with full-service office furniture decommissioning. Our specialists have the versatility and knowledge to coordinate all phases of an office decommission, including disposal, donations and resale. We developed a proven process which offers a broad range of technical expertise to decommission facilities and relocate offices.


One stop shop

From start to finish, let us help. ABCO has been providing office solutions since 1987


Proven Process

ABCO is a proven leader in this space & is very well reviewed by several happy customers


Expert Consultants

Our consultants will work with you from start to finish making the process as simple as possible

We are a team of seasoned professional office furniture consultants, movers and project managers with a single goal: To help your company meet its office furniture needs in a cost-effective manner!