As the demand for secure personal short and long term storage grows, meeting your patrons, students or employee storage and security needs can be difficult. With hundreds of options including our industry leading custom capabilities its simple to create lockers that maximize your space, look great and match the size, function and demand of any space.




Educational School Lockers

Lockers continue to be one of the staples to middle and high school educational facilities. Lockers make it easy for students to transport textbooks or safely and securely store their personal items during class periods. At ABCO, we understand that every facility has its own unique needs. Our vast line of accessories and finishes allow you to personalize the interior and exterior to create a unit =specifically designed for your needs.

Locker Room Lockers

The Locker room is perhaps one of the most important rooms in any athletic facility. Locker rooms provide your patrons a place to catch their breath after a long workout or regroup after a tough game.
Our extensive line of finishes lock and accessory options, make it simple to design a luxurious locker room that is secure, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Office Lockers

As communal workspaces and smaller office footprints become the norm in today’s workplace the demand for personal storage is becoming increasingly popular. Lockers are an ideal way to provide your employees with a place to safely and securely store their belongings while minimizing the need for individual wardrobes or storage.

With IOF’s full line of accessories and unique two-tone design ability you can design stylish lockers that truly reflect your companies style, culture and brand identity.

Talkzone - Private Talking Booth

Your Zen Moment is Here. A retreat, a place to collect your thoughts, take an important call, or work on that critical project in silence - it’s all within your reach with TalkZone! Step inside and be transported into a private workstation that still allows for a feeling of connectivity within the broader office setting.

TalkZone is made for environments that believe in hard work but realize that a quiet outlet to keep things balanced can be a much needed relief.

Premium Heavy Duty Industrial Lockers

The Premium locker is designed for the heavy duty application in industrial and educational applications.

Invest in a locker that will last longer without damage, broken welds, or collapsing shelves. These issues can’t be repaired once installed.

Standard lockersPremium Locker


Doors  - 20 Gauge


16 Gauge  - 55% THICKER STEEL


Doors  - 24 Gauge


    20 Gauge  - 40% THICKER STEEL


No welds to break on the frame or door hinge.

One piece locker Frame - Lifetime Warranty

NO door hinge - Lifetime Warranty

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